segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

Beta Crusaders in english! ^^

Agora o Beta Crusaders Blog é bilíngue! Ao perceber a falta de informações sobre a banda em idiomas ocidentais, eu, Beta, a autora do blog, resolvi ajudar os fãs ao divulgar as últimas informações do BECR em duas línguas que domino: inglês e português. A partir de agora, todas as postagens do blog serão escritas nos dois idiomas. A tradução para a língua inglesa estará sempre em itálico, para ser distinguida com facilidade. Espero que seja de grande utilidade!

Now, Beta Crusaders Blog is bilingual! Realizing the lack of information about the band in western languages, I, Beta, the author of this blog, decided to help the fans giving them the latest BECR´s news in two languages that I speak: english and portuguese. From now on, all posts will be written in these two languages. The english translation will be always in italic type, to distinguish it easily. I hope it is helpful to everyone!


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  1. A BECR fan from Dallas, TX, I came across your blog from Facebook. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for translating this into English as well as including the recent unmasked pics (esp of Taro). I was in Japan Oct '08 for a 2wk vacation & went to Kobe to see Gallow at a small club(if I couldn't see BECR, this was my best chance on seeing Hidaka in person). My friend and I were right in front of the stage so I got a GRRRRRRREAT view of Hidaka sans mask & no shades, just reg. glasses. I became a fan of BECR when the Beck anime first came out. The news of the band calling it quits did upset me but I knew it was time or that it would've happened sooner or later. They will ALWAYS be one of my fav bands from Japan even if they never came to the US to perform (not including the early BECR days when they did a few in NY and CA)