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Ultra Renegades EP review!

Tomorrow is the official release of the Starbems' new single, but some lucky bastards (like me) got the CD today! YAY!!!

Well, I pre-ordered the "single + t-shirt set" on the Indies Music Store website a month ago. They promised to deliver it one day ahead and, as usual, they didn't disappointed me. As soon as I came back from work, the takkyubin guy knocked on my door and delivered it to my delight. Also, Indies Music Store promised to give signed posters for the 200 first buyers, so I rushed to get mine! I already have the two previous posters hanging on my wall, from Future Primitive EP and Sad Marathon With Vomiting Blood album! 

I need more walls!! TT_____________TT

The poster is awesome, although I rather it had a photo of the band... 

And Hidaka already updated his age on this autograph: 46! Oh, boy, time flies... and he looks younger everyday!

I always buy Small size t-shirts when there's no XS size available. Although it may seem strange, I find t-shirts too big in Japan! I struggle to find blouses, jackets and skirts in Japan because they're all TOO TIGHT, TOO SHORT, TOO TINY for me (altough I'm skinny, I'm much taller than most japanese woman)!!! But with t-shirts is the total opposite, as if woman doesn't wear them or like them big and loosy. I was used to wear M or even L size in the west, but all my japanese t-shirts are XS ou S, and I still think they're huge. Anyway...

I'm the worst person to give a neutral opinion about something Hidaka Toru does, but it's undeniable that the new single is TOTALLY FUCKIN' AWESOME! As everyone knows, the guys recorded it in Texas, while touring in the USA. These new songs totally blew my mind. They are angrier and heavier and punkier than before! But, in the middle of all that noise, you can sense Hidaka's smell on it. The Starbems has Beat Crusaders DNA!!! I'm totally looking forward to hear their next album and go to their concerts.

Well, here's my sincere thoughts about this EP.

Let Lights Shine - 10/10
I fell in love instantly with this amazing bass solo in the beggining - I'm a (retired) bassist, as you may not know. Overall, great vibe. Perfect opening song for this EP. Fuckin' awesome music video as well. Hidaka screaming is soooooo... I don't even have words to describe it. I love his voice... 

Pitfalls - 10/10
I like how the backing vocals merges with Hidaka's voice here. Maybe I have a really bad ear, but I can finally hear pretty well all the 3 guitars in this song (so far, I only heard them in a few songs...). 

Boyz of Nationz - 10/10
Street punk Oi! references all over it. I just love the chorus, it's so fun and popish! I can see Hidaka doing his usual dance so so so so happy! Oi! Oi! Oi! 

King Kong Five - 10/10
I always say this when Hidaka decides to record a cover, so I'm gonna repeat myself over and over: it's WAY BETTER than the original. I was curious to hear this improbable cover, and I'm shocked! The genres are totally different and cannot be compared and bla bla bla but YEAH, THIS COVER IS BETTER AND TOTALLY RULES. Period. Haters gonna hate. Just hear Hidaka singing all that verses SO.FUCKING.FAST. I lost my breath in the first words... sometimes I can't believe he's 46. Also, a feel a strong Beat Crusaders presence at some points... and that makes me kinda happy.

\ (^ - ^) / Long Live The Starbems! \ (^ - ^) /

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